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Making a decision for a Local Moving Company is not an easy task. With a combined Relocation experience we are an expert in the local moving services. We can do local moves on all the states in the east coast.

There are number of things, which you should know when selecting the right local movers for your relocation. What we believe advantages like clean furniture pads, trucks and professional relocation consultants should be considered as basic practice. What sets us apart from other Moving Companies is a proof of a higher standard at every relocation service we offer to our valued customers. Our movers will provide assistance for every type of local move. Whether you are a student who needs items moved to university, you need new furniture delivered, you need heavy items moved to new locations in your existing home or you need assistance in loading a moving vehicle, our professional movers will assist you and your moving project.
Lately we open a Florida office and warehouse .That has widened our base for state-wide moves originating on the Eastern seaboard, makes repeat moves for Florida and New York traffic easier. Making a move involves a lot more than just packing up your belongings and transporting them from one location to another. One of the most important things in any move is understandingthe paper trail of documents that spell out the costs and the details of the move. Knowing about these documents and what steps to take to pin down important details can save you time and money and smooth the way to your new home.
Better Rate Movers

Commercial moves

If you are relocating a business office or large corporation, know that our goal is accomplishing your move with the least possible interruption to your enterprise or production. We work together with you to meet your needs, and we will pack, move and unpack your company or workplace in record time. We will have you back in business before you know it.

Our professional movers are skilled in various packing and moving techniques. We take great pride in our work and know the precautionary methods to use when moving anything. We take excellent care of your assets from home furnishings to electronic equipment. Rest assured that special handling of your fine arts and antiques is just one more of our mover’s areas of expertise.In theory, commercial moving is a lot like residential moving; goods being transported from Point A to Point B. In practice, commercial moving is far more involved; timing is essential. Maximizing manpower and minimizing down time are key, and our Corporate Relocation division has the experience and know-how to plan and execute any size commercial relocation project.

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We DO NOT charge by the hour, so time is not a factor in this method, it DOES NOT matter how long the move takes the price will remain the same. Any delays such as traffic or if your move takes longer than anticipated, it will be of no cost to you.We provide a flat and guarantee price!!! After we will gather all of the information over the phone or in person, we will quote you and give you a price that will not change on the day of the move. Our price includes:

One month

of storage (if needed)!!

All mirrors

Painting and pictures will be crated!!!

All items

will be wrapped in blankets & tape for security !!!

Basic valuation of

.60 cents per pound per article !!!

All Mattresses

will be shrink wrapped !!!