A Tip from a Pro On How to Move Heavy Furniture

Have you ever thought of how to move heavy furniture without damaging it? You may be living in the upper floor of a storied building, but that will not prevent you from buying a nice piece of furniture that is heavy. You may be thinking of hiring people who will help you in moving the furniture up the stairs, but, what about if the furniture is delivered by furniture movers late at night and it happens the truck that deliver it has only a driver and the driver is not in good condition to lift the furniture. This will require you and your family members to lift the furniture up the stairs. In case children are at school, then you and your wife will be the one who will be responsible. In order to avoid damaging the furniture while moving it, you should think of materials that will be used as cushion. This is why you will find blankets very helpful when moving the furniture.

Ways through which you will use the blankets to easily move the furniture from the truck of your furniture movers into your house.

Use the blankets as cushion and slide the furniture on the grass

It will be very easy for you to slide the furniture on the grass to the stairs as opposed to carrying it. In order to avoid cases where you will damage the upholstery of the furniture, just lay blankets on the grass and cover the furniture. The blankets may collect dirt, but you will easily clean them which is unlike a case where you will be forced to buy new upholstery to replace on your expensive furniture.

Use the blankets as cushion on your stairs

In order to move the heavy furniture up your stairs, just use the blankets as cushion on the stairs where you will slide the furniture on top of them. With the help of your wife you will easily move the heavy furniture up the stairs. You can use just a few blankets and make a cushion after which you will be sliding the heavy furniture. After you have moved the furniture for a few steps, you can rest a bit. After you rest, repeat the process for some time and you will finally have the furniture in your home. In order to protect the furniture when entering narrow doors, you should cover areas that will get into contact with the blankets.